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Blockchain for

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Thailand Blockchain ecosystem

xCHAIN builds, fosters, and develops an ecosystem of blockchain with the aim of driving Thailand's business and economy.

Collaboration with well-known national validator nodes

As diversity will enhance growth of blockchain ecosystem, xCHAIN has engaged various types of validator node, such as, academic institutions, enterprises, software developers and start-ups.

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Low cost with high performance

xCHAIN offers lower gas fee as well as faster block time which will increase chain capability.

Low inflation

Gas price will be less inflated as xCHAIN has developed its own utility token known as XTH. This XTH is created specifically for utilization in xCHAIN.

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About xCHAIN

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xCHAIN is a blockchain technology built up from a collaboration of Thailand Blockchain Working Group (TBWG) which comprises main partners who have expertise in technology and organizational system development as follows:

  • J Ventures: Investment expert who encourages an implementation of innovation in business ecosystem.

  • I AM Consulting: Consulting firm who provides advice on development of IT systems for enterprises in various industries.

  • Dome Cloud: Comprehensive IT and blockchain solutions provider.

  • Satang Corp: Operator of cryptocurrency trading website who is expert in blockchain technology and creates the company’s own crypto coin.

xCHAIN is a ready-to-use blockchain ecosystem which operates in cross-sector collaboration with partners, such as, academic institutions, enterprises, software developers, and start-ups. Having these partners joining as validator node, this collaboration will hence strengthen xCHAIN ecosystem.

With transparent, reliable and verifiable nature of blockchain technology, xCHAIN supports DApps (Decentralized Applications) development for partners who wish to build own DApps on blockchain system.

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PoA (Proof of Authority)

xCHAIN uses PoA (Proof of Authority) or consensus that is based on “reputation” of validator node. Identify disclosure is required for the validator node who is accountable for verifying validity of transactions on this blockchain. xCHAIN will, therefore, apply PoA (Proof of Authority) as consensus algorithm in the first phase.

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XTH Token

XTH token is xCHAIN’s utility token made for paying gas fee as well as verifying any transaction on the application operated on xCHAIN. Moreover, the XTH token can be used as medium token in payment for the use of application(s) developed thereon. Users are able to buy XTH token using Thai Baht or JFIN Token.

Economic Perspective
Token Name : XTH
Total Token Amount : 1,000,000,000 XTH

xCHAIN Testnet

Chain Id: 36
WS:  ws://
Explore Url:
Coin : XTH
Token Request :

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xCHAIN's DApps

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A wallet app that allows cryptocurrency users to store and retrieve their digital token. XWallet stores the public and/or private keys for token transactions.

A platform that allows the transfer of tokens and/or cryptocurrency from one chain to another. Both chains can have different protocols, but the bridge provides a compatible way to interoperate securely on both sides.

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A platform provides smart contracts with information from the outside world. It is the layer that queries, verifies, and authenticates external data sources, usually via trusted APIs and then relays that information.

A Special Token Launch Platforms created by XChain that focused only on Token 
that ready to utilized. XLaunch provide platform to allow investors to buy new token project from Corporate that is required to raise funds via an IXO process.

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Validator Nodes
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